Four  Big Advantages
Exquisite craftsmanship Technological innovation Special custom Consistent quality
Stick to the spirit of ingenuity High-tech foundation Torque up to 4678nm ISO9001 international certification
CNC precision machining Insist on innovation and development Senior technical guide selection Adhere to standardized production processes
20 years of technical engineer guidance Senior technical talent team Special customization according to customer needs 1 million cycles durability test
Choose Our Six Big Reasons

1. Co-promote brand promotion and customer experience services
2. Competitive product agency prices and protection policies
3. Continue to promote agent channel construction and assist agents to expand the market
4. Include high-quality agents in the "100 Excellent + Support Plan"
5. Provide full-line "Kovina Vision" Chinese and English periodicals, product samples, brand brochures, etc.
6. Establish an accurate management support system, professionally guide site selection and store opening; host team formation, product and skill training

Our Advantage